Tour The Ritzz Salon…

At The Ritzz, we take pride in our elegant, clean, and welcoming facilities. Whether getting a hairstyle, your nails done, waxing, or in for a spa package, you will feel pampered and comfortable.

Billings Salon The Ritzz

At The Ritzz, we have six stations where our professional stylists look forward to helping you look and feel your best.


The Ritzz Nail Salon

The Nail Salon at The Ritzz is a bright and welcoming place for your manicure.


The Ritzz Nail Salon colors

The Ritzz offers a full line of products to customize your look.


The Ritzz Salon Facial Room

The Waxing Room at The Ritzz is a private sanctuary for you to feel pampered and leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and confident.


Massage Pedicure Chair at The Ritzz Salon

Now you can enjoy a luxurious rolling, kneading massage during your pedicure in our new massaging Pedi-Chairs.


Accessories and jewelry at The Ritzz Salon

The Ritzz has a variety of accessories and jewelry to complement your new look.


Earrings offered at The Ritzz Salon

Accessories at The Ritzz.


Bracelets and bangles at The Ritzz Salon

The Ritzz carries a variety of bracelets, bangles, earrings, and other accessories.